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A word from the chair


This month we have a quote from Tanmanjeet Dhesi and not because he’s standing for parliament. No, just because it’s a great quote.


The role has been challenging but people’s assistance and wisdom have been invaluable.

Tanmanjeet Dhesi

Former Mayor of Gravesham


It’s hard being a civic leader, like Tanmanjeet says it’s a challenge. That’s why proper support is so important. Sadly, I’ve noticed that too many councils don’t offer their civic leaders any support, let alone what they actually need. But you can’t just blame councils, I think any of us as former civic leaders have also failed to offer the next generation proper support.


That’s what the National Network for Civic Leaders should be about. We need to acknowledge that it is a challenging role. Then we need to do our best to offer assistance and wisdom. Because we can’t expect the next wave of civic leaders to do a good job if they’ve never had any decent role models.


Let’s get together and meet Tanmanjeet’s challenge.


If you want to know everything that’s going on with the National Network for Civic Leaders then you’ll need to join. We’ll send you our monthly newsletter with lots of extra civic details. You’ll also get free access to our online conference later this year.


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