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The One Mayor


The high point of the month was seeing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Mid and East Antrim on The One Show. Mind you I would rather they weren’t wearing robes but no doubt the producers thought they would look more “mayoral” in their robes.


What I thought was interesting was that the mayor, Paul Reid, had a wonderful prepared statement. It was short but said a lot about the beautiful area and he was proud to be its mayor. The only problem was that the host wanted to react to what Paul said and Paul wanted to get through his statement, we can all understand that he was nervous.


The thing to take from it is that a prepared statement that crystallises your message is brilliant and something you should prepare ahead of an interview. But you should be careful, live TV or radio doesn’t always unfold the way you’d like. Have that killer line but also be ready to ad lib.


The price of everything?


The Coventry Telegraph has asked Coventry City Council some difficult questions. It has been enquiring into the cost of the Lord Mayor and how it represents value for money. These are not unreasonable questions. The people of Coventry have seen nearly £120 million cut from their council budget over ten years. They want to know what the Lord Mayor does.


On the whole, whoever the paper interviewed did a good job of explaining it. We should all get good at explaining why civic leaders offer value for money. I fear we will be hearing more questions like the ones asked by the Coventry Telegraph.


Find the full article here.


Evening all


The Mayor of Boston featured in his local media when he helped with the police force’s annual community event. He did his bit to help Bobbies connect with the community. Which seems like a great idea. What could you do to improve police community relations? Let me know if you have any plans.


More info here.


Time for peace


It’s nice to see a Mayor for Peace getting some column inches. The Mayor of Nagasaki used the commemoration of the bombing of his city to reaffirm the need for peace and nuclear weapon free world.


Mayor Tomihisa Taue said “A strong sense of anxiety is spreading across the globe that in the not too distant future, these weapons could actually be used again.” Sadly, that is not far from the point.


He added “Nagasaki must be the last place to suffer an atomic bombing.” Please let me know if I missed any coverage of Mayors for Peace events in your community.


The rest of the article is here. You can find more information about Mayors for Peace here.


You couldn’t make it up


American TV network ABC is about to screen a new sit com called ‘The Mayor’. It follows a rapper from a recession hit town who runs for mayor to promote his new album. To his shock he is elected and no doubt hilarious consequences ensue.


I wonder if the BBC is plotting something similar?


Opening of the month


The strangest thing that a civic leader unveiled this month was a painting of Mango the cat. Mango became an internet sensation after greeting customers as they arrived at the Tiverton branch of Tesco.


If you’ve opened anything stranger let me know and I turn this into a regular feature.

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