Media Mayor: September 2017

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Sadly missed


This month saw the passing of Jerry Williams, first black mayor of Camden. We should never forget that as civic leaders we stand on the shoulders of great mayors. In his day Jerry modernised the role and made it more relevant to his community.


We should remember pioneers like Jerry.


Take a look at the full obituary here:




If you were particularly eagle eyed you will have noticed the Lord Mayor of Newcastle starting the female wheel chair section on the BBC’s coverage of the Great North Run. September also saw the obligatory slew of civic leaders getting involved with the Tour of Britain.


My favourite was the picture of Cheltenham Mayor Klara Sudbury congratulating a stage winner. Because she is stood on the podium it looks like she’s come second. Good luck with your pro cycling career Klara.


You can see the picture and a report here:


Open again


There has been lots of coverage of the We Are Manchester Concert that re-opened the Manchester Arena after the tragic bombing earlier this year. The Lord Mayor kicked of the concert with the new metro mayor, Andy Burnham. The Lord Mayor has played an important role with the Manchester Memorial Fund for the victims.


Civic leaders need to be at the heart of their communities during tragedies but they should also signal that thing are back to normal. The arena reopening sends a strong message that the terrorists haven’t won.


Don’t try this at home


An American mayor was pulled over drinking beer on a motorised lawn mower. The Mayor of Aynor in South Carolina was stopped by police when driving to the garage to fill up his mower. You can watch the thrilling low speed chase here:


Needless to say plenty of people have watched the video. It’s great when your video goes viral but this is not the how I’d advise you to do it.


Do try this at home


A local charity received a prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service after being nominated by the outgoing Chair of Daventry District Council. Chris Long made good use of the award system and helped a local charity received national recognition.


Daventry Area Community Transport received its award from the Lord Lieutenant in a ceremony this month. The charity helps people who don’t have access to transport to attend important appointments.


Given that many civic leaders give awards to celebrate their local areas it strikes me as strange that we don’t see this more. You know about the best voluntary organisations in your local area, click this link and you can find out more about the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.


I hope to see more reports soon.


Full details can be found here:


And finally


During the hustings for the election of the Mayor of Völklingen a wag asked the far-right candidate what he thought of houses in the local area displaying Arabic numbers. The outraged candidate replied “You just wait until I am mayor. I will change that.”


Of course, the Arabic numbering system has been in use throughout Europe for the better part of 800 years but the poor fascist wasn’t to know that. If he is elected expect to see runic numbers on local houses.


The full article is here:

Duncan Bhaskaran BrownMedia Mayor: September 2017

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