The Christmas Diet

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Don’t worry this isn’t all about the foods you should deprive yourself of over the festive period. This isn’t even advice about what to do in January.


No, I’m going to tell you to overdo it, I’m going to tell you to binge. My kind of Christmas diet involves going wild.


The right kind of bingeing


I’m generous enough to let you have that extra portion of Christmas pudding but that’s not what I mean.


You need to splurge on relaxation. You’ve got two weeks before it gets busy again. Make the most of it!


Here’s a few tips on turning Christmas into and R and R spree.


Binge on friends and family


Christmas is all about people. It’s getting together with your loved ones that should be the focus of the holidays. So, throw yourself into those events.


The most important thing to do is be normal, talk about normal things. Try to forget, at least for a few days, that you’re a civic leader.


Overdo it with relaxation


After seeing your family and friends, the best thing about the holidays is that you’ll get some time. It’s important to waste it. Don’t use it to plan your next community event or plot your big media campaign.




Maybe it’s walking the dog, maybe it’s having a bath, heck it could be back to back seasons of Game of Thrones, I don’t know what you find relaxing. But you do, so just do it!


Go mad with Facebook


It’s tempting to tell you to have a digital detox but that’s not in keeping with the season so why not go wild in a different way. Instead of chewing up emails or doing promotions and outreach on social media, why not use the internet to do something nice.


Connect with some old friends.


Catch up with those people you really love but haven’t seen in a while. Have a chat with them, you could go seriously nuts and phone them. Just make a connection and don’t talk about mayoral business.


Spirit of the season


They say Christmas is a time of giving, and it is. But you’ve been giving all year so it’s time to take a little bit back.


Enjoy the time with your family, prioritise relaxation and connect with some old friends online.


Then you’ll be ready for the last big push. The remaining months of hard work when you squeeze every last drop out of this opportunity.


Enjoy the Christmas diet.

Duncan Bhaskaran BrownThe Christmas Diet

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