Media Mayor: January 2018

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It’s been another exciting month for mayors in the media. This month’s round up features:


  • Atlanta mayor takes advice from rapper
  • Former mayor of London calls current mayor of London a popinjay
  • Manchester Lord Mayor hands over keys to the developers
  • Liverpool mayor complains about football
  • Mike Myers pretends to be a pretend mayor


Atlanta mayor takes advice from rapper


Recently elected Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms has assembled a 38-strong team of advisers to help her craft the agenda for her first term.


Unsurprisingly it includes business and community leaders. What might be a shock is the inclusion of local rappers Killer Mike and T.I. Firstly, it is great to get some publicity for your programme by doing something unexpected like this.


But what is more important is she has ensured she has a diversity of opinions in the advice she gets. The one thing you don’t want is advice from an echo chamber of your own opinions.


You might not know any local rappers but who do you have advising you? How are you ensuring that you listen to the whole of the community?


Here’s some more about the Mayor of Atlanta’s team.


Even more of the Mayor of Camden


Richard Cotton featured in last month’s edition reminding us about homelessness at Christmas. I couldn’t ignore the fact that he also featured, all be it briefly, in The Times magazine.


Richard’s work with a homeless charity has included organising a big event last year. Playing piano at it was Francois Pierron. Francois learnt to play on the piano that is free for public use at St Pancras station, which was what The Times was actually writing about.


Still, it just goes to show that if you keep putting your message out there it can end up in some great places. I’m pretty sure The Times has a bigger readership that your local paper. Great work Richard.


If you didn’t get a chance to make it to Richard’s event you can still hear Francois playing.


Former mayor of London calls current mayor of London a popinjay


I couldn’t ignore a spat between two Mayors of London. Boris Johnson called Sadiq Khan a “puffed up pompous popinjay” in his twitter reaction to Donald Trump’s cancelled state visit.


I wholeheartedly commend Boris on his use of alliteration and outdated insults.


Here is Boris’s full broadside.


Council chairman thanks fellow councillors after protracted devolution debate.


After a particularly gruelling session of West Dorset District Council, Cllr Peter Shorland, chairman of the council, thanked all of the councillors for their hard work.


Saying thank you is such an important thing to do. You shouldn’t see yourself as a chair, you should see yourself as a host. Be generous to the people at your meeting, always smile and thank them for coming. Being a host is much better than trying to be a referee in a political grudge match.


Cllr Shorland added “It’s a big decision. We have a lot of work to do and we know that.” Looking at the proposals on the table he is not wrong. The council will have some more gruelling meetings and the chairman will need to be doing a lot more thanking.


You can read the full story.


Lord Mayor of Manchester hands over keys to the developers


Don’t worry Manchester City Council hasn’t sold the town hall. But it will be closed for six years for some serious renovation.


While that is an inconvenience for the next half dozen Lord Mayors it should preserve the building for future generations of Lord Mayors.


Take a look at everything they’re going to do.


As one town hall closes…


Just to prove that the life of civic buildings is often circular, a town hall reopened just 25 miles north of Manchester. Mayor of Padiham, Ken Buckley opened their town hall following refurbishment after a flood two years ago.


Find out what they did.


Liverpool mayor complains about football


Joe Anderson, the elected Mayor of Liverpool, has demanded an investigation into the transfer deal that took Ross Barkley from Everton to Chelsea.


Anderson said that the behaviour of Barkley’s agent could be a “deliberate attempt to drive down a player’s value”. I don’t normally talk party politics but in the interest of fairness I must disclose that Anderson is a lifelong Everton fan


I’m a massive fan of civic leaders using their position to speak out about important issues. But I’m also sure that there are more pressing problems facing Liverpool than this.


The full story is here (if you are interested).


Mike Myers pretends to be a pretend mayor


Mike Myers of Wayne’s World and Austin Power fame has spent the last six months pretending to be a rubbish game show host.


Not the sort of thing that usually makes it into Media Mayor but among the accolades on his made-up CV was playing title role in ‘Lord Mayor’, a British sitcom about a council that strikes it rich when they discover they are sitting on an oil field.


If anyone knows any stories like that please send them to Mike Myers’ agent. I’m sure a film version of ‘Lord Mayor’ would do well at the box office.


If you’d like to know more about a spoof gameshow.

Duncan Bhaskaran BrownMedia Mayor: January 2018

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