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The first exciting episode of More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. It’s hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown and includes all these great features:

  • Network News
  • Civic Role Model
  • The Big Interview
  • Be More Like…


Network News


As we’ve just started 2018 everyone at the National Network for Civic Leaders has turned their attention to organising this year’s Unchained Civic Conference. If you have any suggestions you can drop us a line on info@theciviccoach.com


If you have no idea what the Unchained Civic Conference is then you missed an amazing online event last year. It featured experts in communications, leadership and local government, as well as the best civic leaders from around the world.


But of course, you haven’t really missed out as you can catch all the action by visiting the networks website.If you sign up there, not only will you get free and unlimited access to last year’s conference, we’ll also keep you informed about this year’s event.


Civic Role Model


As this is the first ever podcast it sounds odd to say that this civic role model is out of the ordinary. But I confidently predict that this is the only time the civic role model will be provided by We Buy Any Car.


Totally confused? Watch this video and it will all become clear.


You’ll have to listen to the show if you want to hear my full rant about the media portraying mayors as aging white males but there is more to it than that.


You must commend the Mayor of We Buy Any Car for being so friendly. He’s smiling, he’s warm, he looks like the kind of civic leader you’d like to meet. That is the standard you need to live up to. I know that it is hard when you are on your seventh event of the day. But you should aim to make everyone you meet feel special and that starts with being warm and friendly.


The Big Interview


There are some jobs that help you become a great civic leader. It’s hard to think of a job better than content marketer to help you get your message across. That’s why it is great to be joined by Mark Harris.


So maybe you are wondering what content marketing is, according to Mark it is “building stories around what you’re doing”. Which should leave you only wondering why civic leaders should be doing it. Well, it’s all about getting your message across. And as Mark points out local politicians have been doing it for years. He’s here to help you become more conscious of your content marketing. That way you can think about how you can share what you are doing in other channels.


Have a look at Mark’s twitter feed, it’s a great example of what local politicians should be doing. And his Facebook page isn’t bad either.


But not only is he an internet marketing expert and a former mayor he’s also a rock star. OK so he doesn’t share any questionable rock and roll exploits, but he does have a good story about George Ferguson, former Mayor of Bristol. You can find out more about his band The Abstracts. Why not like them on Facebook too.


Be more like…


OK, so you don’t want to form a band so how are you going to replicate Mark’s success?


Here are three ways to be more like Mark.


  1. Use your social media profiles to follow sources of local information, like councils, local papers and local blogs.
  2. Then share the posts from these sources of local information with your followers.
  3. Best of all you can share the interesting events you are going to with your followers as well.


If you follow these simple tips people will start to think of you as a trusted source of local information. They will visit your social media profile to find out what is going on local and they will hear your message at the same time.


It’s simple and effective but above all it is actually useful.


Coming up next time


On next month’s More Than a Chain I’ll have all the regular features like civic role model and network news. I’ve also got a truly big interview.


I’m joined by David Hyner one of the world’s leading goal setting experts. In this fascinating interview David explains how to set massive goals and make sure you achieve everything you need to.


Join me from Tuesday 20th February for the next enlightening episode.

Duncan Bhaskaran BrownPodcast #1 with Mark Harris

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