Episode number two

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Welcome to the second exciting episode of More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. It’s hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown and includes all these great features:

  • Network News
  • Civic Role Model
  • The Big Interview
  • Be More Like…


Network News


We’ve already started putting together the line up for Unchained 2018, the free online conference for civic leaders.


We’re planning on interviewing around 15 authorities in their areas. These sessions will be broadcast online over three consecutive days in October this year.


We’d like to know who you want to hear from. Do you want media experts? Communications gurus? Or Leadership specialists? Do you want international civic leaders? Elected mayors? Or local government insiders?


It’s your conference help us shape it


Get in touch with us on info@theciviccoach.com or 07480 295 285.


Civic Role Model


Confession time, I watch a lot of children’s television. Actually, I don’t, my daughter watches it I just absorb it by osmosis.


But it does have one major advantage, I’m all over the mayors that feature on kid’s TV. My stand out favourite is the Mayor of Chuggington. You are now wondering what the heck Chuggington is. Think Thomas the Tank Engine but for the 21st Century.


And it is very 21st Century because the Mayor of Chuggington is a young, black woman.


Yes, they picked a young, black woman as their mayor. What a great role model for children today. That on its own would make the Mayor of Chuggington a candidate for the civic role model. But there’s more.


The character is voiced by Floella Benjamin. That makes sense because she has spent years in children’s entertainment, however, it is a stroke of genius because Floella is a bona fide inspirational political figure.


In 2010 she became Baroness Benjamin. She has used her position in the House of Lords to campaign on children’s issues. In her own right she is a brilliant role model to your people and civic leaders alike. You can find out more about her political activity on her website.


And if you are seriously interested in checking out Chuggington why not watch ‘Brewster meets the Mayor’ on YouTube


It makes me happy to think that in years to come people will be expecting the mayor to be more like the Mayor of Chuggington and not like the Mayor of Trumpton.


The big interview


What would happen if you made interviewing high achievers your hobby? Would you learn a lot and become more successful? That is exactly what happened to this month’s guest David Hyner.


He’s interviewed hundreds of successful people from the worlds of business, sport, the arts and, yes, politics. He started to notice that they all did things in a similar way. He applied those things to his life and now he speaks to between 10,000 and 50,000 people a year about setting massive goals.


Best of all he’s going to share it with you!


His massive goal setting principle will help you make the difference. And that’s the difference, not a difference!


We cover a huge amount of ground in the interview, David offers you some great advice on setting goals, planning to achieve those goals and why being associated with achieving big goals will propel your political career forward.


If you’d like to find out more about David the best place to start is his website. You should also have a look at David’s excellent course The Massive Goal Principle on Udemy.


Be more like…


It makes sense to be more like David because he has an impact on masses of people across the world every year. Here are three ways you can become a little bit more like him.

  1. Set massive goals, really big ones that scare you.
  2. Plan the steps to achieve them.
  3. Go rhino, see what you want and go for it.


Setting and achieving truly ambitious goals is at the heart of being a great civic leader. Too many good people fail to have an impact because they flit from event to event with no real purpose in mind. They are at the whim of other people’s aims. Don’t be like that, set and achieve massive goals. Be more like David.


Coming up next time


In the next jam-packed episode of More Than a Chain we’ve got a fascinating interview with one of my favourite civic leaders. Mimi Harker OBE is a high achieving civic leader with great insight and unique perspective.


It’s out on Tuesday 20th March. Don’t miss it.

Duncan Bhaskaran BrownEpisode number two

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