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Ski jumping mayor


The BBC’s coverage of the winter Olympics was excellent and I’m not just saying that because it featured an inspirational civic leader.


Before the start of the women’s ski jump they ran a piece on Deedee Corradini. Deedee was the first female mayor of Salt Lake City and a big part of bringing the winter games there in 2002.


She also spent a lot of time campaigning for equality in ski jumping. She died in 2015 but she did live to see female ski jumper finally competing in Sochi in 2014.


There are still inequalities in ski jumping, the women have no team event and aren’t allowed to compete on the big hill. I’m sure Deedee would agree that we still have plenty to fight for.


Mayor marches for women’s suffrage


Also celebrating a slice of equality this month was Anne Jones, Mayor of Harrogate. She led a parade celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage.


It is fantastic to see civic leaders across the country celebrating this historic milestone. But I’m going to take this opportunity to labour the point, there are still things we need to fight for.


All the details of the march are here.


Corsican mayor has to make his own chain


Well, not a chain because they don’t wear them in France. The Gallic equivalent is the tricolour sash they sport on high days and holidays.


Jean-Yves Leandri, Mayor of Granace, refuses to wear the standard issue version. He’s a Corsican nationalist so he doesn’t hold with decking himself out in the French flag. That’s why he has got his own special Corsican sash made.


I never heard of any UK civic leaders refusing to wear their chain but if you know of someone please let me know.


Here are some pictures of the sash and a little more on Corsican independence.


Kentucky Mayor to launch fleet of drones


Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville, has suggested his city invest in a fleet of drones. They would be used to provide surveillance after gun shootings.


You could see this as an innovative use of technology. Or…


Here’s a better idea – gun control.


Chairman receives award


Bruce Forbes, Chairman of Mid Sussex District Council is more used to giving out awards than receiving them. But he was delighted to be handed a Bronze Award as part of the Defence Employers Recognition Scheme.


The award recognises the council’s commitment to providing employment opportunities for former members of the forces. It is also covers finding a place for reservist and cadet instructor as well as spouses of members of the armed services. Of course, this is generally a great idea as they are highly skilled and hard-working people.


You can find out about Mid Sussex’s award here.


Or if you are starting to think that it is time for your council to get involved take a look at the defence employers scheme.

Raising money for the mayor


What does it say about your impact as a civic leader when part of the community dedicates a fundraising campaign to you?


Ronnie Philpott, former Mayor of Dover, passed away in May last year. The staff and pupils of Dover College have chosen to remember her by launching a fundraising campaign. So far, they have raised just over £1,000 of their £10,000 target.


Surely this says a lot about the impact Ronnie had on her community. It is a great way to be remembered.


Here are the details.


Lord Mayor of London celebrates trust in business


On the whole bankers aren’t a well-loved bunch. They are generally perceived as untrustworthy and over paid. Of course, this isn’t a problem for most civic leaders. It is for the Lord Mayor of the City of London whose parish is home to a lot of bankers.


That is why the current Lord Mayor, Charles Bowman, has introduced a new category to the corporation’s annual business awards. This year a company will be rewarded for their attempts to build trust in their business.


Trust is so important to what we do as civic leaders and as councillors, it’s nice to see the Lord Mayor encouraging it in businesses too.


Here is the low down on all the awards.


A competition that you don’t want to win


The search for a location for Amazon’s new headquarters is being dubbed the search for America’s stupidest mayor.


Apparently, cities across north America are so desperate to become home to the internet leviathan that they are furiously out bidding each other to offer Amazon more and more tax cuts.


I agree that civic leaders should try to woo visiting business people who are considering locating to their area. Hosting visiting delegations is one of the best things they can do for their councils. If you’d like to see an example of how that is done take a look at the Lord Mayor of London.


This, however, seems to be a huge multinational trying to increase its profits at the detriment of the people of its new ‘home’. I seriously doubt Amazon will be a contender for any awards for building trust.


All the details of the competition are here.


Deputy Lord Mayor on the run


I come across some strange things that civic leaders do but this tops most of them.


Magid Magid, the deputy Lord Mayor of Sheffield has taken part in the Chanel Four show Hunted. If like me you’ve never seen it, the premise is simple, the contestants hide. If a crack team of investigators can’t find them in three weeks they get a share of the prize money.


It’s not just me is it? The point of being a civic leader is to be visible in your community. Hiding is a really bad strategy if you want to be a successful Lord Mayor. And anyway, that chain is a dead giveaway.


Unsurprisingly, he got caught.


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