Media Mayor March 2018

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Here’s all the civic leaders that are making headlines.


New York has a night mayor


New York has appointed someone to encourage and develop the city’s night life. In a rather imaginative gesture they’ve called her The Night Mayor.


Beneath the distinctly average pun is great initiative. It not someone to get the party started, it’s someone to encourage the night time economy. And given all the restaurants, theatres and bars in New York that must be a fair chuck of the Big Apple’s economy.


It would be interesting to see a night mayor in this country championing the night life in their town or city. Any takers?


Find out everything you need to know about New York’s night mayor.


Donations for the mayor


You’re probably expecting him to ask you for some raffle prizes. But the Mayor of Luton wants more than that. He wants blood!


He was in Luton Donor Centre recently encouraging people to roll up their sleeves and give. It is particularly relevant to see Mohammad Ayub promoting donating within the black and Asian communities. There is a need for more donors from these groups as they are more likely to have in demand blood subtypes.


Find out more about how you can get involved with donating from NHSBT.


Mayor slated on Twitter


Sadiq Khan receives a lot of tweets. Most are OK, but some are downright awful. He shared some hate filled text messages at the South by South West festival in Austin, Texas.


He wasn’t moaning he just wanted to point out some of the hateful stuff he receives. Much of it borders on the criminal. That’s why he was arguing for tighter policing by the social media giants themselves.


There was a positive note to his speech, he pointed out that: “Social-media platforms can live up to their promises to connect, unify, and democratize the sharing of information”.


The occasional idiot hasn’t put him off, so I hope it doesn’t discourage you either.


All the details can be found here:


Former mayor makes it on to media mayor


Perhaps even more impressive he made it on to ITV news.


Ian Selby, former Mayor of Grantham, was complaining about potholes and the county council not fixing them. Interesting enough but I wonder if they would have been as interested in it if it was a random bloke complaining about it?


There is power in the former mayor tag. How are you going to use it?


Here’s the full report.


Metro Mayor with deep pockets


Andy Street unveils a series of investment opportunities in the midlands area. The new metro mayor has unveiled a £10 billion slate of investments in the West Midlands region. Which is the kind of thing he was elected to do.


He said, “we are busy creating a new industrial revolution in the very place where it all began.” You must admire him for remembering the past while looking to the future.


Full details of the programme are here.


Save the mayor


Many councils are undergoing reorganisation and St Edmundsbury Borough and Forest Heath District Councils are no exception. They will be joining forces to become West Suffolk Council.


Of course, questions remain as to what will happen to the Mayor of St Edmundsbury. The role is a historic one, tracing its roots back to 1606. Former mayor Julia Wakelam pointed out that the role is “The public face of the borough and hence the community. It’s a glue that cements our particular community together.”


Civic leadership is important. I hope the shadow council can reach an agreement that respects the traditions of the role but also develops an office that truly serves the community.


You can find details of the merger plan here.


Mayor watches primary school children dance


Just a few young girls performing a dance routine, it doesn’t sound like much, but it forces the Mayor of Tehran to resign. Apparently, hardliners took a dim view to the mixed audience watching some underaged girls dancing. What a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Despite the risk, I urge you to visit primary schools.


All the details can be found here.


Former Mayor hits the stage


There has been another twist in the long and interesting story of Buddy Cianci. The book about his extraordinary time as Mayor of Providence is set to be turned into a stage play.


Author Mike Stanton said that Cianci’s larger-than-life persona is a natural fit for the stage. I happen to be reading his book at the moment and I completely agree.


Check out the details here:


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