Podcast #10

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More connections. More authority. More presence. That’s what this episode is all about, leading with gravitas.


Welcome to More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. It’s hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown and includes all these great features:

  • Network News
  • Media Mayor
  • The BIG BIG interview
  • Mayor of the Month


Network News


It’s an exciting time for the network. It’s time to accelerate your impact on your council. It’s time for you to become the best civic leader you can. It’s time to join the network’s rising stars programme.


We’re looking for the rising stars of the civic world. The younger councillors or the ones who haven’t been on the council for very long. The ones that show the potential to become the next wave of great civic leaders.


We’ll be offering free coaching and training to those lucky enough to make it onto the programme. It’s your chance to clarify your direction and drastically improve your communication and leadership skills.


To register your interest or suggest someone for the programme email info@theciviccoach.com.


Media Mayor


The latest news from the civic world:


Attendance award for Lord Mayor


It’s never too late to say sorry


The importance of being a good chair


Mayor becomes an insult


The latest round of Trump vs Kahn


Do you have a story for the news desk?


Get in touch on info@theciviccoach.com or 07480 295 285.


The BIG BIG interview


Get more gravitas. And who doesn’t need more of that?


It’s time to meet Antoinette Dale Henderson, she’s going to show you how you can develop gravitas and use it to become a better leader. It’s cracking stuff.


On Antoinette’s website you can find out more about her masterclass on her gravitas profile tool. Or why not take a look at her amazing book Leading with Gravitas,


Mayor of the Month


If I was to tell you about a politician who only ran for office because that person had had a planning disagreement with the local council you wouldn’t immediately think “great candidate”. Yet that is exactly what our mayor of the month did.


But this wasn’t your typical disgruntled property owner. This was Clint Eastwood.


To ensure that I comply with the standard’s board I should declare that I am a fan of Mr Eastwood’s gritty brand of westerns, but that’s not the only reason I picked him.


Clint Eastwood was as good a mayor as he was a gun slinger.


He saw things differently and brought a much needed change to his local council. And he changed the local bylaw prohibiting the sale of ice cream.


Sometimes people just do things because it has always been done that way. Sometimes it takes an outsider to look at them as see what is sensible and what needs to be changed.


I’m just waiting for the green light on my hard-hitting biopic, a fist full of council papers.


Coming up next time


At the network we spend August talking about Mayors for Peace. What could be better than talking to Mayor for Peace Jon Cousins. It’s an amazing interview, particularly if you thought Glastonbury was just a festival.


Join us on Tuesday 14th August for a big slice of civic peace. And don’t forget you can sign up for unchained 2018 at CivicLeaders.co.uk

Duncan Bhaskaran BrownPodcast #10

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