Episode number eleven

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73 years ago nuclear weapons were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.


That is one of the most significant events in human history. That is why August should be a time for Peace. That is why this episode is dedicated to all the Mayors for Peace.


On this episode of More Than a Chain:

  • Network News
  • Media Mayor
  • The BIG interview
  • Civic Role Model


Network News


The network becomes a network


A network helps you connect. And that’s what’s we’re trying to do with this network, it’s time to link the chains.


Now Facebook is going to help us do that. Consider this your official invitation to the network’s new Facebook page. It’s there to help you connect with likeminded civic leaders.


The aim of the network is to celebrate excellence, share best practice and offer support. Of course, we try to do that with the conference and the other events we organise but where do you go if you have a question? Where do you go to celebrate your big wins? Where do you go to find a bit of civic inspiration?


The network’s Facebook page!


Why not take a moment to visit it? We’re going to assume you’ve heard of Facebook, if you have, then joining will be easy. Pop along and request to join the group. We’ll accept you!


Once you’re in, don’t forget to post your Big Wednesday Win, tell us all about the good work you’ve been doing recently. Heck, you don’t even have to wait till Wednesday, you can share your big win today!


See you there.


Media Mayor


Here are all the civic headlines for this month.


Mayor goes off script

That’ll be doctor Lord Mayor

DIY Civic leader

Chairman Mayor

City dies with mayor

Mayor apologises to Van Gogh


The BIG BIG interview


Jon is a Mayor for Peace. Yes, he enrolled his community in the Mayor for Peace programme, but he also worked to bring peace to his community in the broadest sense.


If you’re interested in finding out how you can promote peace at a local level check out the Mayors for Peace programme.


You may also be interested in the community organisers or the work of Glastonbury Town Council. And if you have a couple of minutes it’s worth watching the ‘Last Bank Standing’ video.


Finally, you can say hello to Jon on Facebook


Civic Role Model


You’re probably not a big fan of Messy goes to Okido. You might not even have heard of it. But I’m keeping my eye on it because Okido has a mayor.


And I have an unnatural interest in children’s TV mayors. But is the Mayor of Okido a great role model?


The way he is identified as a mayor is his tricorn hat and chain. I’m not incredibly keen on tricorn hats as they are a tad Dick Whittington, but overall a chain is a fair way to identify him. But is he more than a chain?


At first glance the money he spent on Mayor Force One seems to reminiscent of the more indulgent civic leaders. He also seems to spend all day opening things; where is his impact on the community I’m tempted to ask?


But he has one seriously redeeming feature. He sounds a lot like Wallace from the Wallace and Grommet cartoon.


That’s not a positive because I’m a fan of Ardman Animation, it’s great to hear a civic leader depicted with a regional accent. It is strange that such an obviously local role is often depicted with a generic BBC English accent.


I’m not saying that you must have a local accent to be a great mayor, please don’t put one on! I’m saying that people respond better to real people. They are often mistrustful of people who appear too polished, too privileged or just too perfect.


The best thing about Mayor Oki is that his accent connects him to his community. Like all good governments, Mayor Oki demonstrates that Okido City Council is of the people.


So don’t try to hide the your more local elements to appear more polished or more mayoral, embrace them.


Coming up next time


We’ve got a jam pack podcast hitting the airwaves on Tuesday 4th September. It’ll have all your favourites as well as an amazing interview with media expert Alastair Greener. He’ll show you how to present yourself in the media.


Don’t miss it and don’t forget to sign up on the Facebook page!

Duncan Bhaskaran BrownEpisode number eleven

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