Are you born a great public speaker?

This is a fantastic question and it comes up quite often. It gets to the heart of the matter, are people good at something because of natural talent or hard work.   What a debate! Find out my take on it in this video.

How do you prepare a speech when you’re short of time?

You have loads of time on your hands, right? You are just sitting round twiddling your thumbs waiting for stuff to happen?   No? In that case you’ll like this. It is my simple guide to preparing a speech when you haven’t got much time.   P.S. to save you time it put it on

What’s your system for developing speeches?

What is your system for developing speeches? Write it on the way to the event and read it from a crumpled piece of A4?   After six years of speaking professionally I’ve developed a system for preparing my speeches. I’d like to share it with you in this video. I hope it helps.   Here

What do you do if you go blank on stage?

  You’re in the middle of your speech and then…   Disaster, you go blank. What do you do? Panic? Run off stage? Spout something you do remember like twinkle, twinkle little star?   Maybe not, find out my strategies by watching this video.

When does the County Council Chair have precedence?

I love it when you ask questions. But I love it even more when you ask follow up questions.   In response to my video about the District Council Chair’s precedence I was asked to clarify how the County Council Chair fits into the pantheon of civic leaders.   Here are my thoughts.    

Do you stand in front or behind a lectern?

  That is a seriously good question   Sometimes you need to stand behind it.   Sometimes you need to get out and roam around.   Which isn’t an answer. So you’d better watch the video and I’ll explain what to do when.