Bright Mayor vs Night Mayor

“You’re the Mayor guy, right?”   I hear this every now and again and it makes me smile. It means people have remembered what I do, which is nice. But it also means that I’m about to get a story about a civic leader they’ve met. And they’re not usually complimentary.   Which is a

Michelin Star Mayor

I’m dedicated to this blog.   I go out of my way to bring you interesting things. Recently, I went on a serious research trip to gather important information just for you.   I went to The Hand and Flowers in Marlow.   I can tell you’re impressed. You’re the discerning type, you know that

Mayors in Parliament

As the dust settles on the general elections I thought it would be good to take a look at the crop of civic leaders that have made it into parliament.   Former Mayors stepped up to the ballot box in the four corners of the nation, from Birmingham to Yorkshire, from London to Cheshire. They

Is the Mayor a Brand?

Are civic leaders brands?   You’re not Nike or Facebook. Mayors are not brands.   I used to think like that. Then I meet David Avirin. David is American. David is a successful marketing expert. David thinks civic leaders are brands. At least he would if he’d heard of them.   It’s all in the

Blaenau Gwent axe their Mayor

I’m not being sensationalist or provocative, but you won’t believe what Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council has done. They’ve replaced the mayor with a chair, they’ve cut the civic office’s budget to zero and they’ve hung up the chain. It is a sad day for the civic world but and even sadder day for the

Anniversaries of 2017

Anniversaries are important   They can be an important part of your year in office.   Celebrating individual anniversaries will make some great memories. But why not go beyond that? Why not make the most of the big dates?   They represent an opportunity to enhance what you’re trying to achieve while in office. If

Happy Birthday Blog

  It’s my party and I might be a bit silly.   But I think that is OK because this blog is a whole year old.  That is definitely worth celebrating. Come on in, join the party…   There’s ice cream and you may even learn something.

The civic officer’s secret

Your civic officer is hiding something from you   They have a powerful secret. A secret that keeps them doing a great job. A secret that keeps them sane.   It’s not the key to the mayoral sherry cabinet. It’s the National Association of Civic Officers. You can find out about it from their website

Civic S.O.S.

Lives are in the balance   The night is dark. The rain is hammering down. The waves are crashing. Andy Rodgers is on a mission.   Andy is the skipper of a small lifeboat stationed off the Welsh coast. He regularly braves rough, freezing seas to save people’s lives. As an RNLI lifeboat man Andy