The civic synapse

Scientists are pushing the boundaries of the understanding of our brains.   They may even have identified the area of the brain responsible for civic leadership.   This video will give you a quick overview of what you need to know.

How are you?

  It’s a simple question.   It always gets a simple answer.   Should it? Find out how to say it like you mean it in this video.

Be inauthentic

Forget the experts, ignore the gurus, bin the latest best seller.   You must not be authentic!   Well, some of the time. Find out when in this video.

Curiosity for civic leaders

Are you a cat?   No, then you shouldn’t worry about curiosity?   In fact, you should embrace it. Find out why in this video.

Podcast #10

More connections. More authority. More presence. That’s what this episode is all about, leading with gravitas.   Welcome to More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. It’s hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown and includes all these great features: Network News Media Mayor The BIG BIG

React or respond

  Every time you meet someone you have a choice, do you react, or do you respond?   There is a big difference to in the result they deliver.   If you want to be more successful, then watch this video and find out how to respond rather than react.

How to talk to people in pain

You will meet people in pain. You will meet people who have troubled lives. You will meet people who have difficult stories.   How do you talk to them?   Its not easy but by watching this video you’ll learn one incredible tip that will help you cope in the hardest situations.

Episode number seven

Calling all civic super heroes!   You may not think you’re a hero but for my money, heroism isn’t about the big sacrifices. It’s about all the little sacrifices that you make for your community. You are a civic superhero and that’s why this episode is dedicated to you.   On the latest the edition

How to influence your community

Do you want to be more influential?   Of course, you do, the good news is that being a civic leader helps. The bad news is that it isn’t enough.   Let me introduce you to the Law of Influence developed by Bob Burg and John David Mann.   Find out more about Bob Burg and

How to ask for a favour

It sounds easy doesn’t it?   But there is much more to asking for help than you might think.   In this video you’ll find a complete process that is easy to follow and will almost guarantee people say yes.