How to answer any question

You will be asked questions.   People will quiz you at events, in the council chamber and even in the street.   To make sure you offer them the best answer every time you need a system. In this video I’ll outline the one I use.

Media Mayor February 2018

Ski jumping mayor   The BBC’s coverage of the winter Olympics was excellent and I’m not just saying that because it featured an inspirational civic leader.   Before the start of the women’s ski jump they ran a piece on Deedee Corradini. Deedee was the first female mayor of Salt Lake City and a big

Media Mayor Christmas special

Christmas is a time of giving and a time of celebration.   All over the country civic leaders give messages to their local paper. These help to fill up the pages, so the journalists can spend that bit more time celebrating!   All joking aside, Christmas is a great time to get your message across.

Media Mayor: November

It has been another packed month for civic leaders in the press. Here is your indispensable round up.   The Lord Mayor and the looted picture   It’s not often stolen Nazi art makes it into media mayor but in one of his last acts as Lord Mayor of The City of London, Andrew Parmley

Media Mayor: October 2017

It’s another packed month for civic leaders in the news   I comb the media so you don’t need too. Here are the highlights.   Timely awards   Mayor of Salt Lake City Honours LGBTQ activists   A mayor handing out an award is no big surprise. Maybe the fact that the Mayor of Salt

Have fun with PR

Public relations is laugh a minute stuff.   OK maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you can have fun with it. In fact, you should have fun with it.   Find out why by watching the video.

Have you sent your Christmas cards?

It’s nearly Christmas   It must be I’ve started to see the adverts.   It’s not the end of the world if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet but it is high time to think about your Christmas cards. Yes, civic cards require some thought.   They can require a considerable amount of work.

Media Mayor: September 2017

Sadly missed   This month saw the passing of Jerry Williams, first black mayor of Camden. We should never forget that as civic leaders we stand on the shoulders of great mayors. In his day Jerry modernised the role and made it more relevant to his community.   We should remember pioneers like Jerry.  

Bang that drum

  Banging your drum. Blowing your trumpet. Sounding your horn.   Call it what you like, PR gets results. From selling tickets to getting support to spreading awareness the right kind of PR can have a big impact on what you are doing.   But the way most people set out to do it is

Media Mayor

The One Mayor   The high point of the month was seeing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Mid and East Antrim on The One Show. Mind you I would rather they weren’t wearing robes but no doubt the producers thought they would look more “mayoral” in their robes.   What I thought was interesting