Episode number six

  You’re the most important part of team podcast. Together we are going to be more than a chain, but I can’t do it without your help.   Welcome to More Than a Chain, welcome to the team for civic leaders who aren’t just in it for the buffet. This month we’ve got: Network News

Bruce Springsteen for mayor

Sadly, Bruce isn’t thinking of standing for mayor.   That doesn’t mean he can’t teach civic leaders a thing or two. But where do you get those lessons from?   You could read his rather lengthy autobiography, or you could just watch this video.

How to answer any question

You will be asked questions.   People will quiz you at events, in the council chamber and even in the street.   To make sure you offer them the best answer every time you need a system. In this video I’ll outline the one I use.

The words that will improve your community

  Words have power. Language has power. Saying the right words can bring your community together.   If community cohesion is important to you, then you need to watch this video. It will give you one quick and easy to use tip to bring a bit of unity to your local area.

Episode Number Five

  Smile! More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders who aren’t just in it for the buffet is back for another episode. And this time we’re determined to smile. This episode is crammed with all this stuff: Network News Media Mayor The Big Big interview Civic Role Model   At the heart of

Anniversaries of 2018

What will be happening in 2018?   Lots of course, but how can you make the most of the anniversaries of 2018? How can you use the big celebration of the year to drive forward your agenda?   Watch this video and pick up some tip on how you can use this year’s anniversaries.

Media Mayor April

Directly elected Russian mayor axed   And all he did was criticise Putin!   One of the few elected officials in Russia who isn’t a crony of Vladimir Putin’s is Yevgeny Roizman. He’s Mayor of Yekaterinburg (Russia’s fourth largest city) but not for much longer.   They will be replacing their directly elected mayor with

How to ask for a favour

It sounds easy doesn’t it?   But there is much more to asking for help than you might think.   In this video you’ll find a complete process that is easy to follow and will almost guarantee people say yes.

Episode number four

    Its story time on More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. Your host Duncan Bhaskaran Brown will bring you all these great features: Network News Civic Role Model The hot Interview The BIG thing   Network News   It’s time to share your

Happy birthday blog

Every year we celebrate the birth of this blog.   I know, I know, you get invited to a lot of celebration events but this one is different. It’s short and you’ll learn something.   Find out what by watching this video. Buffet not included.