The three Cs of listening

Sometimes you talk but you know the other person isn’t listening. That’s the first C of listening and it’s annoying.   Find out about all 3 Cs in this video. The best one will help you make people feel amazingly special.

The Christmas Diet

Don’t worry this isn’t all about the foods you should deprive yourself of over the festive period. This isn’t even advice about what to do in January.   No, I’m going to tell you to overdo it, I’m going to tell you to binge. My kind of Christmas diet involves going wild.   The right

The judicial test

Over 750 mayors in Catalonia were threatened with prison. Do your plans meet the judicial test?

New year new resolve

The new year is a time to set goals   Unless you’re a civic leader, then it isn’t.   Because it’s not really the new year. The civic year runs from May to May so you’re a little over half way through it.   Instead of falling into the trap of setting new goals that

If you enjoy speaking will the audience enjoy listening?

Everybody hates doing something.   Maybe it’s the washing up, maybe it’s the morning commute. If it’s public speaking, then you need to watch this video. It’s got some great tips on how to enjoy it.

Carl Austin-Behan: Lord Mayor of the Month

Redefine your role   It takes a special person to drag a job into the 21st century kicking and screaming.   Carl Austin-Behan is one of those people.     Yes, Carl you did. And that’s why you’re the Lord Mayor of the Month.   Carl brought a fresh, new approach to the office. He

Win win business cards

Wouldn’t you like win win business cards? Business cards that make people happy and promote your cause. Win win.   With the help of Derek Arden author of Win Win your business cards can be that good.   Watch the video to find out more. Then visit when you have.

Media Mayor: November

It has been another packed month for civic leaders in the press. Here is your indispensable round up.   The Lord Mayor and the looted picture   It’s not often stolen Nazi art makes it into media mayor but in one of his last acts as Lord Mayor of The City of London, Andrew Parmley

What should you do immediately before you make a speech?

Athletes don’t run without warming up. Actors don’t go on stage without getting ready. Why would you go out to make a speech without properly preparing?   Watch this video and find out what you should be doing just before you make a speech.

Canterbury home of…

You think Canterbury, you think cathedral. Every year huge numbers of people visit Canterbury’s beautiful cathedral. It’s even a UNESCO world heritage site.   But it doesn’t impress me much.   I think Canterbury, I think charity.   That’s because Canterbury City Council has a fantastic approach to their civic charity appeal.   New model