Prepare to be Mayor


Preparation = Confidence.


Being prepared brings confidence. By being confident, you increase your ability to engage people. By being confident, you increase your ability to impact your community.


Preparation is Key

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Product Description

The course is divided into five sections. Each covers one aspect of preparing for your time in office in detail. Each section is made up of videos supported with worksheets.




Get to grips with everything you need to know before you take office. We’ll look at what you need to understand about yourself. We’ll examine your council and the role you are going to undertake.




Create a clear vision to guide you through your time in office. We’ll look at the opportunities that are open to you and how you can make the most of them. We’ll also consider what skills you have and how you can use them. In short, we’ll develop a vision that you can implement.




A good team will help you achieve more. We’ll look at all the areas you’ll need to consider from what an escort does, to how to get help with your charity work. Having examined your skills already you’ll know exactly where you need to the help.




It’s a tough job. To do it well you need the support of your council. That means that you need to build relationships with key people. It means that you must be clear with them about what you want to achieve throughout the year. That is what this section is about, how to ensure the staff and councillors are on your side.




You need to get your plans together before you start. That way you and your team can implement them no matter how busy you find yourself. In this section, we’ll be clear about who does what, when they do it and what they need to get it done. We’ll also look at documenting it and communicating it to the people that need to know.


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