The weird secret you can learn from tea

I made my wife a cup of tea recently and I discovered a startling secret.   Find out what it is and how it can make you a better civic leader.   All will be revealed in the latest video from More Than a Chain

Episode number two

  Welcome to the second exciting episode of More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. It’s hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown and includes all these great features: Network News Civic Role Model The Big Interview Be More Like…   Network News   We’ve already started

Do you need to be a good chair?

The one thing mayors are legally obliged to do is chair full council meetings. That means they should make being a good chair their priority.   Wrong!   Here is one very good reason why mayors and council chairs don’t need to be good at chairing.

Toby Eliot: Mayor of the Month

Toby Elliot did things differently.   But that shouldn’t surprise anyone because he’s from Frome. They do things differently in Frome.   Frome is home to Independents for Frome. In 2015 they took control of the town council by winning every seat.   They did that by doing things differently.   Flat Pack Politics  

How do you make more time?

In the space of a few days the Lord Mayor of Bristol and the Mayor of Winterton both told me they were struggling to find the time to do everything they needed to.   I’m not surprised. It is a busy life being a civic leader. Between the events, the correspondence and the social media

How to warm up without a dressing room

What no dressing room?   We’ve all been there, you get asked to speak at a huge event and when you show up you realise you haven’t got your own dressing room. Nightmare!   It might sound like the behaviour of a complete diva but it isn’t. Warming up before you speak is important. A

Postcard power

Here’s a strangely useful tip that I picked up along the way.   Watch this video to discover how the humble postcard has the power to transform you into a better speaker.

Media Mayor: January 2018

It’s been another exciting month for mayors in the media. This month’s round up features:   Atlanta mayor takes advice from rapper Former mayor of London calls current mayor of London a popinjay Manchester Lord Mayor hands over keys to the developers Liverpool mayor complains about football Mike Myers pretends to be a pretend mayor

Garath Keating: Lord Mayor of the Month

A new breed of mayor   “We had to start from scratch building our own brand identity. “   As soon as Garath said that I knew we were going to get on.   It is great to hear civic leaders talking about brand awareness and brand loyalty. It shows that they are approaching the

What did you struggle with when starting out as a speaker?

  I spend a lot of time speaking about speaking. That’s why I’m great fun at parties.   In a recent conversation this question came up.   I know you’ll find my answer interesting so here it is in a shiny new video.