What I learnt writing a book: Chapter Three

Sometimes you can see what you have learnt while you are learning it.   It is an amazing experience writing a book. It can teach you a lot. In this video I want to share what I learnt about reflecting on what you have learnt.   My new book ‘More than a Chain’ doesn’t hit

What’s the point of your speech

I heard a truly awful speech recently   It was from a civic leader who has been around the block but seems not have learnt anything about public speaking.   The person just rambled on and on with no discernible aim on show. At the end the audience gave a limp clap and no one

Media Mayor

The One Mayor   The high point of the month was seeing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Mid and East Antrim on The One Show. Mind you I would rather they weren’t wearing robes but no doubt the producers thought they would look more “mayoral” in their robes.   What I thought was interesting

Bright Mayor vs Night Mayor

“You’re the Mayor guy, right?”   I hear this every now and again and it makes me smile. It means people have remembered what I do, which is nice. But it also means that I’m about to get a story about a civic leader they’ve met. And they’re not usually complimentary.   Which is a

2020 Peace

Following on from my recent article about Mayors for Peace, which you can read here, this is a more detailed look at the 2020 vision project that aims to abolish nuclear weapons.   It may seem like a controversial proposal given recent events but find out why it makes a lot of sense.   For

Time for peace

In an instant, a city was reduced to a desolate wasteland.   In a moment, tens of thousands of people lost their lives.   In a heartbeat, the world was changed.   There are few moments in history that have almost immeasurable impact. The bombing of Hiroshima is one of them. Sunday marked the 72nd

The Summer of Crisis

It’s been a hard summer   From the Manchester Arena bombings to Grenfell Towers, it has been a summer of crisis.   It’s been an unusually difficult couple of months but sadly catastrophes come along regularly.   They come in many forms from natural disasters to horrific accidents, from acts of terror to major crimes.

Three things civic leaders should know about LinkedIn

15 million people in the UK use LinkedIn. If you’re not one of them you’re missing out. In fact, if you’re not making the most of your LinkedIn profile you’re missing out.   Here are my three indispensable tips for making the most of your LinkedIn profile, your searches and your messages.