What should you do immediately before you make a speech?

Athletes don’t run without warming up. Actors don’t go on stage without getting ready. Why would you go out to make a speech without properly preparing?   Watch this video and find out what you should be doing just before you make a speech.

168 hours

A week is a long time in politics. To be exact it’s 168 hours long.   If that sounds like a lot more time than you get each week, then you need to watch this video.

Do you have any advice for disabled speakers?

This is the most interesting question I’ve been asked while delivering public speaking training. When I thought about it I realised the answer gets to the heart of what being a great speaker is about.   Find out why by watching this video.

Go Na No Wri Mo

What are you talking about?   No I haven’t spent so long talking to my daughter that I’ve reverted to baby talk.   Na No Wri Mo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a programme that encourages budding writers to spend time in November writing a novel. Simple really.   And what has

Do you put the audience at the heart of your speech?

Most people will tell you to put the audience at the heart of what you do. I’m not most people.   When I was asked this question while delivering some public speaking training I realised that my answer shocked a lot of people there. To find out what they were surprised about look at this

Media Mayor: September 2017

Sadly missed   This month saw the passing of Jerry Williams, first black mayor of Camden. We should never forget that as civic leaders we stand on the shoulders of great mayors. In his day Jerry modernised the role and made it more relevant to his community.   We should remember pioneers like Jerry.  

Bang that drum

  Banging your drum. Blowing your trumpet. Sounding your horn.   Call it what you like, PR gets results. From selling tickets to getting support to spreading awareness the right kind of PR can have a big impact on what you are doing.   But the way most people set out to do it is

Vote for a vision

Devolution is not the only way to vote for a mayor.   I was asked to vote on a series of visions created by aspiring civic leaders. I was impressed. They all had clear aims to tackle a particular issues and had developed effective, low cost ways of implementing doing so. They had done all

Post holiday crunch

It’s September. You’re back from holiday and all you want to do is flop.   Taking a holiday is great. It relaxes you, it refreshes you and it has a massive effect on your general wellbeing. But how do you get back up to speed after all that time off?   Having just spent three

Are you born a great public speaker?

This is a fantastic question and it comes up quite often. It gets to the heart of the matter, are people good at something because of natural talent or hard work.   What a debate! Find out my take on it in this video.