The weird secret you can learn from tea

I made my wife a cup of tea recently and I discovered a startling secret.   Find out what it is and how it can make you a better civic leader.   All will be revealed in the latest video from More Than a Chain

Episode number two

  Welcome to the second exciting episode of More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. It’s hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown and includes all these great features: Network News Civic Role Model The Big Interview Be More Like…   Network News   We’ve already started

What’s the big plan

Why the heck am I turning on the Christmas lights in January?   Am I late? Have I lost it? Is it a strange Abingdon tradition?   Maybe I have a big plan? Find out in the short video.

The judicial test

Over 750 mayors in Catalonia were threatened with prison. Do your plans meet the judicial test?

New year new resolve

The new year is a time to set goals   Unless you’re a civic leader, then it isn’t.   Because it’s not really the new year. The civic year runs from May to May so you’re a little over half way through it.   Instead of falling into the trap of setting new goals that

What I learnt writing a book: Chapter Three

Sometimes you can see what you have learnt while you are learning it.   It is an amazing experience writing a book. It can teach you a lot. In this video I want to share what I learnt about reflecting on what you have learnt.   My new book ‘More than a Chain’ doesn’t hit

Vote for a vision

Devolution is not the only way to vote for a mayor.   I was asked to vote on a series of visions created by aspiring civic leaders. I was impressed. They all had clear aims to tackle a particular issues and had developed effective, low cost ways of implementing doing so. They had done all

2020 Peace

Following on from my recent article about Mayors for Peace, which you can read here, this is a more detailed look at the 2020 vision project that aims to abolish nuclear weapons.   It may seem like a controversial proposal given recent events but find out why it makes a lot of sense.   For

Time for peace

In an instant, a city was reduced to a desolate wasteland.   In a moment, tens of thousands of people lost their lives.   In a heartbeat, the world was changed.   There are few moments in history that have almost immeasurable impact. The bombing of Hiroshima is one of them. Sunday marked the 72nd