Episode number two

  Welcome to the second exciting episode of More Than a Chain, the podcast for civic leaders that aren’t just in it for the buffet. It’s hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown and includes all these great features: Network News Civic Role Model The Big Interview Be More Like…   Network News   We’ve already started

Carl Austin-Behan: Lord Mayor of the Month

Redefine your role   It takes a special person to drag a job into the 21st century kicking and screaming.   Carl Austin-Behan is one of those people.     Yes, Carl you did. And that’s why you’re the Lord Mayor of the Month.   Carl brought a fresh, new approach to the office. He

Mary Donaldson: Mayor of the Month

A significant first   Mary Donaldson was the first woman to navigate the treacherous path to becoming Lord Mayor of the City of London. Yet she was disdainful of anyone who saw her as a trail blazing pioneer of women’s rights.   However you view her it was an interesting journey.   The long and

Alex Maskey: Mayor of the Month

Doing it the right way.   Alex Maskey used his chain to unite his community. That’s what all civic leaders should do, they should bring their communities together. So maybe we should be surprised that’s what he did. But then again, for Alex bring his community together was a matter of life or death.  

Takeshi Araki: Mayor of the Month

August is Mayors for Peace month. At the start of the month we marked the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sadly, some politicians failed to notice this as they were too busy posturing about their nuclear prowess.   I can only hope they see some sense and learn some lessons from

David Atwell: Mayor of the Month

One of the joys of my job is that I meet a lot of interesting people with interesting stories.   I think David tops them all.   David had a brain tumour while he was Mayor of Newport. Most people would wave a little white flag and hand back the chain. Not David.   Six

The Chain

A mayor is a symbol and a public face of what a city bureaucracy provides for its citizens. John Hickenlooper, former Mayor of Denver.   It’s tempting to think that American Mayors are very different from their counterparts across the pond. In some ways they are, they tend to have more political power.   But

Sebastian Field: Mayor of the Month

The Singing Mayor.   Some called him The Singing Mayor because he’s a professional singer. Some called him that because he sang at many of his charity events.   Not me. I call him The Singing Mayor because he spent the year singing Gloucester’s praises.   With his wife Vicki, also a professional singer, as

The Chain

A word from the chair   “An aspirational vision of a society in which talent is celebrated, creativity is nurtured and each person is valued.” Naomi Long former Lord Mayor of Belfast   Maybe the National Network for Civic Leaders isn’t quite a society but we should be an aspirational organisation. Just as we should

The Chain

A word from the chair   This month we have a quote from Tanmanjeet Dhesi and not because he’s standing for parliament. No, just because it’s a great quote.   The role has been challenging but people’s assistance and wisdom have been invaluable. Tanmanjeet Dhesi Former Mayor of Gravesham   It’s hard being a civic