The Mayor of Hard Times

It’s tough being Mayor.   You have a lot to do, a lot of conflicting pressures and a lot of big decisions to make, it’s hard. But then you can also suffer from employment problems, health problems or family problems.   It’s not what you need during the busiest year of your life but I’ve

Call the professionals

My car broke down recently. I was convinced that it was completely wrecked and that it would never move again.   But I called the AA and I got a bit of surprise. Watch this video and I’ll show you why calling the professionals might give you a pleasant surprise.

Get to tea on time

Time keeping matters   You don’t stand between the Women’s Institute and their tea. Somethings are sacred.   Imagine my dread when I thought I was going to delay tea at a WI recently.   I was speaking to them about my time in office. They had asked me to speak for an hour. As

Organise Trello style

    Being mayor is one of the most testing organisational challenges going. Unless you have a 36 hour day or a brain like Google then you’ll probably want some help.   That’s where Trello comes in. It’s like a giant digital notice board to help you keep on top of your projects.

Strategies for Dignitaries with Children

It’s all kicking off in New South Wales   Hills Shire Council has seen an episode that is worthy of Neighbours.   Councillor Tony Hay suggested that the mayor is unsuitable for office as she has a young family. He said she is more focused on motherhood than mayorhood.   Even if mayorhood was a


Gary Vee for Mayor

This blog doesn’t endorse political candidates   But I’ll make an exception for Gary Vaynerchuk. He is enthusiastic, he is inspirational, he is incisive. But above all he isn’t standing for an actual office.   I just think he should.   I think he’d make a great mayor, I honestly can’t think of anyone who

The support that dignitaries need

Gold medal mayor

Team GB wins another gold.   It is almost as if you don’t even look up when you hear those words. We have got used to winning gold. It has been a great summer at the Olympics and the Paralympics.   Which is fantastic but I always look at successful teams and think, what can

smart watches for mayors

Smart Mayor

Every Mayor knows there are rules   Don’t lose your chain. Don’t go to the wrong venue. Don’t forget your trousers.   And defiantly don’t keep looking at your phone.   I can’t help you with all of those but I have a smart way to stop you checking your phone.   Get smart  

organisation mayor

It’s hard being the mayor with the day job

People think being a mayor is a full time job   That’s because it is a full time job.   The problem is that it is pretty much unpaid.   There will always be a tension between earning a living and serving your community. Being a civic dignitary is at the sharp end of that.