How do you make more time?

In the space of a few days the Lord Mayor of Bristol and the Mayor of Winterton both told me they were struggling to find the time to do everything they needed to.   I’m not surprised. It is a busy life being a civic leader. Between the events, the correspondence and the social media

168 hours

A week is a long time in politics. To be exact it’s 168 hours long.   If that sounds like a lot more time than you get each week, then you need to watch this video.

Don’t be productive

A lot of people will tell you to be productive. They are wrong.   You shouldn’t be productive. In this video I’ll tell you what to do instead.

What I learnt writing a book: Chapter Four

The last little thing is by far the most important part.   It is an amazing experience writing a book. It can teach you a lot. In this video I want to share what I learnt about the hardest bit.   My new book ‘More than a Chain’ doesn’t hit the shelves until 19th October

The Mayor of Hard Times

It’s tough being Mayor.   You have a lot to do, a lot of conflicting pressures and a lot of big decisions to make, it’s hard. But then you can also suffer from employment problems, health problems or family problems.   It’s not what you need during the busiest year of your life but I’ve

Call the professionals

My car broke down recently. I was convinced that it was completely wrecked and that it would never move again.   But I called the AA and I got a bit of surprise. Watch this video and I’ll show you why calling the professionals might give you a pleasant surprise.

Get to tea on time

Time keeping matters   You don’t stand between the Women’s Institute and their tea. Somethings are sacred.   Imagine my dread when I thought I was going to delay tea at a WI recently.   I was speaking to them about my time in office. They had asked me to speak for an hour. As

Organise Trello style

    Being mayor is one of the most testing organisational challenges going. Unless you have a 36 hour day or a brain like Google then you’ll probably want some help.   That’s where Trello comes in. It’s like a giant digital notice board to help you keep on top of your projects.

Strategies for Dignitaries with Children

It’s all kicking off in New South Wales   Hills Shire Council has seen an episode that is worthy of Neighbours.   Councillor Tony Hay suggested that the mayor is unsuitable for office as she has a young family. He said she is more focused on motherhood than mayorhood.   Even if mayorhood was a