How to warm up without a dressing room

What no dressing room?   We’ve all been there, you get asked to speak at a huge event and when you show up you realise you haven’t got your own dressing room. Nightmare!   It might sound like the behaviour of a complete diva but it isn’t. Warming up before you speak is important. A

Speaking with a spark

One of the few bonuses of winter is a roaring open fire. All that warmth, all that life, toasty.   And to think it all comes from a little spark.   If you ask me, making a great speech is like those burning logs. It should have some fire, it should have some warmth and

How do you become conscious of unconscious mannerisms?

We all have unconscious mannerisms. I fiddle with my wedding ring, which is annoying.   If you become conscious of them then you can learn to control them.   Find out how in this video. And watch me try to stop fiddling with my wedding ring.

If you enjoy speaking will the audience enjoy listening?

Everybody hates doing something.   Maybe it’s the washing up, maybe it’s the morning commute. If it’s public speaking, then you need to watch this video. It’s got some great tips on how to enjoy it.

What should you do immediately before you make a speech?

Athletes don’t run without warming up. Actors don’t go on stage without getting ready. Why would you go out to make a speech without properly preparing?   Watch this video and find out what you should be doing just before you make a speech.

Do you have any advice for disabled speakers?

This is the most interesting question I’ve been asked while delivering public speaking training. When I thought about it I realised the answer gets to the heart of what being a great speaker is about.   Find out why by watching this video.

How do you overcome nerves?

  Nerves are bad.   Nerves can cripple you, they can transform even the most confident person in to a sweating, shaking wreck. Nerves destroy speeches.   But they don’t have to. In this video I’ve got a bit of advice about how to master your nerves.

Do you put the audience at the heart of your speech?

Most people will tell you to put the audience at the heart of what you do. I’m not most people.   When I was asked this question while delivering some public speaking training I realised that my answer shocked a lot of people there. To find out what they were surprised about look at this

What’s the point of your speech

I heard a truly awful speech recently   It was from a civic leader who has been around the block but seems not have learnt anything about public speaking.   The person just rambled on and on with no discernible aim on show. At the end the audience gave a limp clap and no one

Are you born a great public speaker?

This is a fantastic question and it comes up quite often. It gets to the heart of the matter, are people good at something because of natural talent or hard work.   What a debate! Find out my take on it in this video.