Media Mayor: September 2017

Sadly missed   This month saw the passing of Jerry Williams, first black mayor of Camden. We should never forget that as civic leaders we stand on the shoulders of great mayors. In his day Jerry modernised the role and made it more relevant to his community.   We should remember pioneers like Jerry.  

Bang that drum

  Banging your drum. Blowing your trumpet. Sounding your horn.   Call it what you like, PR gets results. From selling tickets to getting support to spreading awareness the right kind of PR can have a big impact on what you are doing.   But the way most people set out to do it is

Media Mayor

The One Mayor   The high point of the month was seeing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Mid and East Antrim on The One Show. Mind you I would rather they weren’t wearing robes but no doubt the producers thought they would look more “mayoral” in their robes.   What I thought was interesting

The Summer of Crisis

It’s been a hard summer   From the Manchester Arena bombings to Grenfell Towers, it has been a summer of crisis.   It’s been an unusually difficult couple of months but sadly catastrophes come along regularly.   They come in many forms from natural disasters to horrific accidents, from acts of terror to major crimes.

A great interview

Needs a great interviewer   And Alan Stevens is a great interviewer.   He’s a fantastic guy and a generous interviewer who wants you to come across well. More than that, he’ll even help you prepare for the interview. His podcast, The Media Coach Radio Show, is crammed full of tips to make sure you

manage your reputation

Mayoral clean up

What is most likely to get in the paper?   The Mayor of Dover who was caught snorting a white substance in a pub toilet …   … or the Mayor of Rhondda Cynon Taf County, Rhys Lewis, who arranged a litter pick to clean up his community?   You and I would rather hear

using the media

How to be brilliant on TV

What is the worst that can happen when you are on TV?   A pigeon lands on your shoulder? That’s not that bad.   Unless you are being interviewed about how your council is dealing with the pigeon problem.   That is exactly what happened to Alfredo Zegarra, Mayor of Arequipa in Peru.   “We

using the media mayor

First Citizen, First Spokesperson

Getting their voice heard   An honest and forthright mayor speaks out on mental health.   “I mostly wanted to raise awareness so people don’t feel worried about hiding it and it’s not a taboo anymore, so it can be spoken about and you can actually have a conversation about it. Right now it’s kind

Using the media

How not to prepare for an interview

I recently appeared on BBC news   And it didn’t go well.   I was being interviewed about some of the work I do to engage Black and Asian blood donors. Which is ultimately life and death stuff.   It’s the preparation that matters   The interview was arranged by a colleague. I wasn’t entirely

using the media

Three tactics for quality quotes

Bold headlines are often misleading   Take “Mayor stays silent on Local Plan” for example. From that you’d assume that the Mayor, rushed past a barrage of reporters shouting no comment!   Yet the article then goes on to quote the mayor on several occasions. Quotes, that in my professional opinion, seem suspiciously like comments.