1st citizen 1st impression

When you’re mayor or council chair you often only have one year to achieve your aims.   You don’t have a second chance at being a first citizen. So you need to make it count. Just like first impressions. You only have one shot at it.   And if you want to be a good

The Chain

A word from the chair   “An aspirational vision of a society in which talent is celebrated, creativity is nurtured and each person is valued.” Naomi Long former Lord Mayor of Belfast   Maybe the National Network for Civic Leaders isn’t quite a society but we should be an aspirational organisation. Just as we should

When does the County Council Chair have precedence?

I love it when you ask questions. But I love it even more when you ask follow up questions.   In response to my video about the District Council Chair’s precedence I was asked to clarify how the County Council Chair fits into the pantheon of civic leaders.   Here are my thoughts.    

Mayors in Parliament

As the dust settles on the general elections I thought it would be good to take a look at the crop of civic leaders that have made it into parliament.   Former Mayors stepped up to the ballot box in the four corners of the nation, from Birmingham to Yorkshire, from London to Cheshire. They

Write that book

  You’ve come to the end of your time in office. You don’t want it to end. So much has happened. There have been good times and bad.   What do you do?   Find out from an expert, Richard Hagen from Immersive Publishing. You can also see his work at  mPowr Publishing or you can connect

Is the Mayor a Brand?

Are civic leaders brands?   You’re not Nike or Facebook. Mayors are not brands.   I used to think like that. Then I meet David Avirin. David is American. David is a successful marketing expert. David thinks civic leaders are brands. At least he would if he’d heard of them.   It’s all in the

Blaenau Gwent axe their Mayor

I’m not being sensationalist or provocative, but you won’t believe what Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council has done. They’ve replaced the mayor with a chair, they’ve cut the civic office’s budget to zero and they’ve hung up the chain. It is a sad day for the civic world but and even sadder day for the

The Chain

A word from the chair   This month we have a quote from Tanmanjeet Dhesi and not because he’s standing for parliament. No, just because it’s a great quote.   The role has been challenging but people’s assistance and wisdom have been invaluable. Tanmanjeet Dhesi Former Mayor of Gravesham   It’s hard being a civic

Call the professionals

My car broke down recently. I was convinced that it was completely wrecked and that it would never move again.   But I called the AA and I got a bit of surprise. Watch this video and I’ll show you why calling the professionals might give you a pleasant surprise.

Elizabeth Garret Anderson: Mayor of the Month

As the new cohort of mayors and council chairs take office I am pleased to see what a diverse bunch they are.   We’ve come a long way since 1908 when the first female mayor took office in Aldeburgh. Her name was Elizabeth Garret Anderson and it is high time she featured as Mayor of