Do you have any advice for disabled speakers?

This is the most interesting question I’ve been asked while delivering public speaking training. When I thought about it I realised the answer gets to the heart of what being a great speaker is about.   Find out why by watching this video.

Media Mayor: October 2017

It’s another packed month for civic leaders in the news   I comb the media so you don’t need too. Here are the highlights.   Timely awards   Mayor of Salt Lake City Honours LGBTQ activists   A mayor handing out an award is no big surprise. Maybe the fact that the Mayor of Salt

Don’t be productive

A lot of people will tell you to be productive. They are wrong.   You shouldn’t be productive. In this video I’ll tell you what to do instead.

Mary Donaldson: Mayor of the Month

A significant first   Mary Donaldson was the first woman to navigate the treacherous path to becoming Lord Mayor of the City of London. Yet she was disdainful of anyone who saw her as a trail blazing pioneer of women’s rights.   However you view her it was an interesting journey.   The long and

Have fun with PR

Public relations is laugh a minute stuff.   OK maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you can have fun with it. In fact, you should have fun with it.   Find out why by watching the video.

Go Na No Wri Mo

What are you talking about?   No I haven’t spent so long talking to my daughter that I’ve reverted to baby talk.   Na No Wri Mo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a programme that encourages budding writers to spend time in November writing a novel. Simple really.   And what has

How do you overcome nerves?

  Nerves are bad.   Nerves can cripple you, they can transform even the most confident person in to a sweating, shaking wreck. Nerves destroy speeches.   But they don’t have to. In this video I’ve got a bit of advice about how to master your nerves.

Have you sent your Christmas cards?

It’s nearly Christmas   It must be I’ve started to see the adverts.   It’s not the end of the world if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet but it is high time to think about your Christmas cards. Yes, civic cards require some thought.   They can require a considerable amount of work.

What I learnt writing a book: Chapter Four

The last little thing is by far the most important part.   It is an amazing experience writing a book. It can teach you a lot. In this video I want to share what I learnt about the hardest bit.   My new book ‘More than a Chain’ doesn’t hit the shelves until 19th October