Taking the mic

Some people don’t get it   I was MC at an event recently and the time came to introduce the local civic leader. I started to explain to him how the microphone worked. “I won’t be needing that” he boomed.   I patiently explained that it would be better if he used a mic. He

MailChimp for Mayors

Emails are the future.   I know you’ve been sending them for twenty years but trust me they’re the future.   There are people out there that want to know what you are up to. They want to come to your events. They want to support you.   They are waiting for your email.  

Get to tea on time

Time keeping matters   You don’t stand between the Women’s Institute and their tea. Somethings are sacred.   Imagine my dread when I thought I was going to delay tea at a WI recently.   I was speaking to them about my time in office. They had asked me to speak for an hour. As

Do you stand in front or behind a lectern?

  That is a seriously good question   Sometimes you need to stand behind it.   Sometimes you need to get out and roam around.   Which isn’t an answer. So you’d better watch the video and I’ll explain what to do when.

Anniversaries of 2017

Anniversaries are important   They can be an important part of your year in office.   Celebrating individual anniversaries will make some great memories. But why not go beyond that? Why not make the most of the big dates?   They represent an opportunity to enhance what you’re trying to achieve while in office. If

The Chain

Welcome to The Chain   The newsletter of the National Network for Civic Leaders   The best way to get all the good stuff in this news letter you should subscribe.     For now I’ll tease you with:   A word from the chair   I love quotes. So, you’re going to hear a

Happy Birthday Blog

  It’s my party and I might be a bit silly.   But I think that is OK because this blog is a whole year old.  That is definitely worth celebrating. Come on in, join the party…   There’s ice cream and you may even learn something.

Mimi Harker: Chairman of the Month

“It has been a privilege, a pleasure and an honour.”   That is how Mimi sums up her four years in chains.   I often hear people saying that their time in office has been a privilege and a pleasure. I get that, I really do, but it also misses the point. Wearing a chain